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Top engineering branches | Top engineering branches in India | Top 10 engineering branches in the world

So this is the season of admissions. And all the students are bothered about Best engineering brancheswhich college and which branch to choose ?

So in today’s post we have compiled for yo the best engineering branches which you can go for.

Before typing the list, we would suggest you to choose a branch on the basis of your interests rather than a list. Don’t let anybody decide about your branch or engineering stream, as your entire future will depend on it.


Every branch has its own good and bad points. It’s upon one to decide which branch he/she wants to choose.

Job opportunities are always there for candidates belonging to any branch.

Some branches have a good scope at present ,while some other provide a highly potential growth opportunity in future.

But if you are clueless and are ready to go for any branch, then here is the list of the top engineering branches :

1. IT (All Branches Expect Civil & Mechanical are placed in IT Firms) : This is really an excellent field to have opportunities both in software companies and higher studies. As computing is extensively applied to almost every walk of life it created massive jobs for Computer Engineering students.

2. Mechanical – Lots of Middle East Openings & Domestic Demand : It is one of the primitive branches of Engineering which have remained always in demand and continue to be in the future.As the Industrial sector has drastically risen in pace, the need for more mechanical engineers has increased exponentially. Every manufacturing and production industry needs mechanical engineers to carry out jobs efficiently and flawlessly for their companies.

3. Civil – Lots of Middle East Openings & Domestic Demand : With a civil engineering degree in hand, you can easily fetch a job in the government sector or in the middle east countries aswell.

4. Electrical (Placement In Electrical Field Only) : You can see the world is full of electrical appliances, so this is one of the evergreen branch.
5. Electronics (Placement In Electrical Field Only) : Here are equally good opportunities for jobs in electrical engineering industry and higher education. There is lot of multidisciplinary research for developing electric vehicles with great funding and scope all over there world. On the same time good opportunities back home in industry.
6. Automotive (Too Specific Engineering Stream) : Those interested in automotives can go for this branch, also their is not much competition in this branch.
7. Chemical (Very Few Domestic Opening But With Good Pay Scale, And Very Few Students To Compete With) : Chemical Engineering is the apt career for those who have an aptitude and interest to work with chemicals.Chemical engineers are responsible for the availability of modern high-quality materials that are essential for running an industrial economy. They design equipments and operate chemical plants as well as determine the problems and find the best methods of production.

8. Aeronautical : Engineers may work in areas like design, development, maintenance as well as in the managerial and teaching posts in institutes. They find a very good demand in airlines, aircraft manufacturing units, air turbine production plants or design development programmes for the aviation industry.

Do let us know which of the above branch you are going to join and why ? We wish you all the best for your bright future.

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130 Responses to "Top engineering branches"

  1. Nagula Haritha says:

    In now-a-days which branch is better for girls?Answer clearly

  2. ramya says:

    im taking up architecture nw…ma y i noe abt d job openings and exposure for architects in india and abroadgmail

  3. aishwarya says:

    iam taking up dental…may i noe d job opnings and opportunities in india….

  4. Chinmaya Pradhan says:


  5. bhaskarjit says:

    I have joined petroleum engineering, how will be the yearly package in case I got a job in mnc???

  6. joh says:

    al d vry bst

  7. Dibyani Lahon says:

    I want to become an automobile design engineer. Is there scope in mechanical branch.

  8. abdallah mpinga says:

    I’m really happy one day I planning to be best engineering in mechanical …

  9. Manisha says:

    I have joined biotechnology, what will be its scope?

  10. chintu says:

    i want to take cs branch is it is good……or not

  11. anisha says:

    which branch has the highest salary package??

    • Admin says:

      There is nothing like which branch offers highest salary package, it all depends upon your Academics and the Ability and the the comapny which everything depends upon!

  12. Mubbashir says:

    i am going to join in aeronautical engineering….. will i get good job

  13. ashwani says:

    sir i have been alloted IT branch in govt college. how is this branch ???do goverment sector release vacancy for them

  14. Varun says:

    I got into IT branch. Many say CSE and IT are same. But then I’m intrested in IT branch. So got into IT.
    How IT scope in india?
    Did I make a correct choice?

  15. Rehan says:

    I’ve got a dilemma… Iam interested both in CSE as well as electronics… which branch is better as far scope is considered? (i’ve got a major interest in coding and willing to get into microsoft)

  16. akshay says:

    which oone is better? please help me out am totally confused..

    ece or ee??

  17. akshay says:

    please help me to choose between them?? ee or ece? scope wise?

  18. akshay says:

    please help me to choose between them?? scope wise?

  19. abdallah mpinga says:

    Hi.. I have take diploma of mechanical engineering in Tanzania but ,I have one ploblem i want my sponsor to outside of my country , but how can I get ?? help me, I real like so much to share their knowledge with people from out side countries … especially in other content out of Africa ” please help me “

  20. h khan says:

    I want to take CSE branch. Is it a good branch? Is there any scope in it? How much annually package I will get in CSE? Help me

  21. neeraj says:

    i have joined bio-medical eng.. plz tell me about it”s scopes….

  22. priyanka rawat says:

    reply me sir

  23. smart says:

    I am stuck in dilemma between mech eng and elect/elect. Pls I need the best, any one of them you suggest for me, I will do.

  24. jatin says:

    i am going to pursue for my mechanical engg. and i wanna ask that which have better placement option in govt. (civil or mechanical)

  25. Md.wasim says:

    Hi sir,i am counfuing between two branches computer science engg and civil engg.
    and i am not so good in maths..plz sir can u tell me which branch is best for me.

  26. Pankaj says:

    I have joined IT..
    i want to know that is it difficult or average??
    plz rply

  27. Ram says:

    I studied B.E.Aeronautical Engineering. Now i’m goin to do higher studies so I want to know which course is best to do in M.E?

  28. venkat says:

    mechanical or civil branches have little bit more core jobs but the salaries are very less compare to ECE and Computer science jobs. so, EC is the best suite for IT and core jobs..

  29. Xxx says:

    Hi sir I m confused because Every big company of computer science like hcl and Infosys and many more are wanted 65 % 10th and 12th but I hve not… I hve 52 in 10th and 12th 55 %… I get good command in all language because I completed my 12th, in 2011. But sir I m afraid because every company do ths high eligibility… Then can I change my branch in mechanical bcz someone tell me that in mechanical branch no one asked about ur 10th and 12th only want B. Tech 70% and good knowledge… What I do plz response

  30. jain says:

    what we can do with engineering in electronics and telecommunication sise by side so as to have a nice C.V and more oppurtunities.
    please suggest some courses.

    • Admin says:

      You will hardly get any time other than studies so my good reply for you will be study hard and get good grades and you will get good job after that no need to worry about the CV as you will get good opportunities after your academic.

  31. Thampy says:

    Sir, which engineering branch is good and easy to get an office job.

  32. Brij says:

    Which to choose between civil engineering and architecture

  33. Yash says:

    IT or civil I m confused…?? My interest is on both.. but my brother said don’t do software engineering bcoz everybody is doing computer engineering in India so no company won’t need any employe or worker.. and my brother said go civil or mechanical field.. there is more demand and in future..!!

  34. Ambi Joy says:

    i have joint computer engineering because i really love technology

  35. Ambi Joy says:

    i have joint computer engineering because i really enjoy technology

  36. Ambi Joy says:

    which is more difficult to study computer or civil engineering

  37. Raj says:

    I am thinking for Marine Engg for my Son. Kindly suggest me about the future for Marine engineers.

  38. M.Tauseef Ali says:

    Sir, who is best branch electrical or mechainical for b.tech.

  39. ganesh says:

    i luv designing .so acoordingly which branch will be best

  40. ganesh says:

    i am not understanding in which i am having interest mech or civil or ece or eee please help me

  41. ganesh says:

    i want to do govt jobs so acoordingly civil or mech i am not understanding

  42. Jani says:

    Sir i am joining Electrical Engineering because i am interested in electrical side & i also got 2nd position in my school science exhibition. Sir plz tell is there a high scope of it in PAK ??
    Will i get a good job? Plz reply :-)

  43. pratap singh rathore says:

    sir i hav EC branch in eng. department
    sir i want to get a good job in foreign country
    plz reply me how many work at this level

  44. ganesh says:

    sir i am getting mech and cse in top college which one i should go for
    people are saying mech is not having scope and cse is having scope

  45. ganesh says:

    i am intersted in desiging a robots or a car so which branch will be best

  46. suryadham says:

    i interested both in civil and aeronautical? which branch will be best

  47. mridu says:

    i am confused sir i want to take ece or mech i am having interest in both what should
    i do

  48. mridu says:

    if i think mech people are saying mech is not good for girls so now what should do sir

  49. rakesh says:

    Sir I have joined production engineering but can I get placed in an IT firm?

  50. ANURAG says:

    I em A below Average student opted PCM becoz my parents want that bt cz of not enough hardwork n Intrest I just passed with the average percentage ,then I opted engineering coz my parents want that cse computer science engineering n after one year having infinite back logs failures em not able to clear it n want to Quit ,I just have good skills In communicatiion n having a good sense of humour & my parents not letting me to Quit engineering they are ready to pay ready to change branch n college to but not field they wan t a degree n by that dgree they want I will work for goverment jobs bt In cs dere are very less gov jobs open n I can do graduation with other field too ,help needed asap

  51. rohit says:

    i join civil enginnering it is good?

  52. Sonu arya says:

    Sir i join eee branch,is it good and what about placement

  53. rehan says:

    is there any scope in future in industrial production engineering (ipe)???

  54. sam says:

    hi iam an ece 3rd year student.i want a job which has highest salary in abroad.please help me

    • Admin says:

      There are numerous companies who can hire the best way i can suggest you is to use search engine you will get numerable companies.

  55. rohith says:

    iam studying as 3rd year mechanical,i need a good job with good salary in abroad,please suggest me sir/madam

    • Admin says:

      There are numerous companies who can hire the best way i can suggest you is to use search engine you will get numerable companies.

  56. rakesh says:

    Mr Admin I want to enter IT firm though I am a production engineer… How can I do so?

  57. Sumedh says:

    Sir I completed my BE in automobile engineering and now I m appearing for Mtech (cad/cam) plz tell me it is best for my future scope.

  58. syed zubair says:

    sir i has chosen mech…regarding the job oppurtunities in this field is more can i earn more in this field as a fresher?

  59. syed zubair says:

    which specialise course is best and has more demand now and in future in mechanical.in india and gulf countries..

    • Admin says:

      First and foremost all are in demand in different sectors, but i insist you to go for the branch which fascinates you and you are happy in!

  60. Ahmed says:

    Is industrial and manufacturi g engg has scope in the world and what is the average salary package???

  61. Akash says:

    Hmm I want to be an Electronic and Telecommunication Engineer. Well I really love machines and yeah just want to be an engineer to bring out my skills but not to just earn money! and Thankyou:)

  62. Razeem says:

    I am interested to take up civil eng , but I am confused whether its a smart choice
    So plz help me with the suggestions !!!

  63. ajay says:

    sir, i take diploma eee in kolkata so i want to know that _what,s demand in futcter and what,s the differant between machnical and eee.

  64. a.k. tiwari says:

    dear admin sir , i want to know that what,s the demand of diploma eee in foran and other think,s that how can make bettar foran lang…. . . i take addmi…. for english in ramkrishna misson at kol ……. so just i know your opinion.

  65. DEEPk says:

    respected sir / madam,
    i am a ECE 2nd year BTECH student of biju pattnayak university of technology,rourkela,orissa.
    and i am very much interested for a job abroad….at the same time i also want to complete my MTECH..so please can u suggest that..should i complete my MTECH first..or go for job placements after BTECH itself..

  66. DEEPk says:

    respected sir/madam,
    my English communication and human skills are in okay category..and its not very good,,,but my basics and practical knowledge about my branch is very good…and i m trying my best for good grades..so only with good knowledge and grades can i get a good job with good salary in India and abroad…i am in ECE branch…pls suggest..

  67. venu says:

    Sir,i have choosen diploma in ECE.Is there is a scope or not

  68. stormstruck says:

    friends i know are opting for civil so that they can hoarde on black money. does this really happen?
    is that why people say civil has a lot of ‘scope’ in the future?

  69. Rajan says:

    I decided to choose IT branch b’coz I always love computers and gadgets…. And I’m from Nepal which clz is best and affordable for this branch & what are the procedures…..?

  70. samsher says:

    sir ,i am doing cse in anna university L VEC college
    but,some student say me that it is not good college for cse so iam confuse . plz

    tell me every branch depend upon good college

  71. Akhil says:

    Sir, I’m in a confusion that which field is better. Mechanical or Civil. Im interested in both the field. Which one should i prefer in your openion?

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