Top 10 IT Companies In India 2013

Top 10 IT Companies In India 2013 | Best companies 2013

Hey Guys, today I’m gonna to provide you the information on the basis of best It or we can say best software companies in India.

As the students after completing there fresh graduation or post graduation are maximum times remain confused that what company should they prefer or opt for; As most of us want to work in an environment where a lot of opportunities of growing up in our life are provided and also our skills are developed,because of all these reason candidates are in need to know the Best companies to work for in India.

This post will give you information on the top companies in India considering various factors so that our visitors are clear about finding a great workplace to work in. Looking for such a workplace that provides a balance in professional and personal life, job satisfaction and money and growth prospective as well is always a hard work; especially when you are looking to find such a job for the first time. So, because of this we are providing you the top 10 IT companies in India to work for.
We have made a list of Top 10 Companies in India according to various studies and related data to help our visitors in terms of their career direction.The list of companies is on the basis of the latest ranking given by the NASSCOM (The National Association for Software and Services) in january 2013, formed the basis for this report. According to NASSCOM, India’s exports through software totaled US$ 17.3 billion in 2011-12, a 33% increase over the previous year. Companies such as Cognizant, Accenture, IBM and HP have been placed amongst the Top 10 of this list and companies such as Kanbay, Syntel and Intelligroup would have been amongst the Top 20.

The list as published by NASSCOM was as follows:

1. Tata Consultancy Services: This company was founded by the J.R.D Tata in 1968, headquartered at Mumbai(India), Tata  Consultancy Services is on the top.It is a part of the TATA Group, which is well respected for high reputation and good performance, the Mumbai-based TCS is one of the oldest and a leading software company in India. This software company is working with a turnover of over US$ 1.50 billion since 1968 and has its facilities in 34 countries. The performance of its Engineering and Industrial Services division helped it win the Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year award in 2006.


TCS is on the top on the basis of revenues, Services, manpower, market value till 2012. TCS has expanded its empire over 47 countries worldwide and having 147 offices worldwide.

  • Revenue:US $10.17 billion
  • Employees:254,076
  • Major Sectors:Software(IT),Business Consulting,Outsourcing.

2. Wipro: This company was Founded by Mohamed Hasim Premji in 1945, which has it’s headquartered at Banglore(India), Wipro stands at second position among the list of top 10 Software Firms of India. Its core area of business covers infrastructure solutions, consumer care and other professional and business solutions. It is known as one of the largest independent R&D Services provider in the world, which has a turnover from this area of operations alone was over US$ 1 billion in 2011-12.


This firm was previously named as Western India Product Limited. Wipro has expanded its empire over 50 countries of the world.

  • Revenue:US $7.30 billion
  • Employees:135,920
  • Major Sectors:Software(IT),Business Consulting,Outsourcing.


3. Infosys Technologies: This company was Founded by a group of seven people including N.R Narayan Murthy, N.S.Raghavan in year 1981, with a starting money of only $250, this Indian Multi National Company stands at third position among the top 10 Software Companies of India the Headquarter of this company is situated at Banglore(India).It employs over 58,000 and has been creating jobs back in the US, where many of its clients are based. It has over 40 development centers across the globe. In a survey conducted by BusinessWeek and Boston Consulting Group, of the World’s Most Innovative Companies, Infosys was ranked #10 in the Asia-Pacific region.


Infosys has its all empire expanded over 27 countries of the world.

  • Revenue:US $7.00 billion
  • Employees:153,761
  • Major Sectors:IT, business consulting and outsourcing services.


4. Satyam Computers: This company was Founded in 1987 by B.Ramalinga Raju, this IT firm is the 4th largest IT group in India. Previously known as Satyam Computer Services it deals with consulting,IT. Even after some hustle and bustle its growth rate has shown a great progress. Owned by Mahindra Group this firm is headquartered at Hyderabad(India).Satyam is listed on the New York stock exchange and has its presence across 12 countries and employs over 30,000. Banking and Finanical services, Insurance and Telecom are some of the industries where it has domain expertise.


  • Revenue:US $1.26 billion(2012)
  • Employees:29,132(2012)
  • Major Sectors:IT, business consulting and outsourcing services.


5. HCL Technologies: HCL company  was founded in 1976 and has it’s headquartered at Noida(India). HCL has expanded its empire over 18 countries of the world, and HCL ranks 5th among top 10 Software Companies of India. It offers IT services in the areas of Banking, Insurance, Life Sciences, Retail etc.


  • Revenue:US $4.4 billion(2012)
  • Employees:85,194(2012)
  • Major Sectors:IT, business consulting and outsourcing services


6. Tech Mahindra: This company was founded in the year 1986, and is headquarteres are at Pune(India). Tech Mahindra stands at 6th position among the top 10 IT companies of India.It is a joint venture between Mahindra & Mahindra and the British Telecommunication.Providing  Service to the telecom industry is its core area of strength.


  • Revenue:US $1.15 billion(2012)
  • Employees:50,479(2012)
  • Major Sectors:IT, business consulting and outsourcing services


7. I Flex solutions: This company is also named as Oracle Financial Services Software Limited, it is the 7th largest IT Corporation of India. It is among the largest service provider mainly to the Banking Sectors, and is headquartered at Mumbai (India). Owned by Oracle Corporation, in the year 2006, it became a main Subsidiary of Oracle. It is also among the top 300 firms worldwide.Oracle bought 41% of its equity in 2005 and its entry is expected to make the presence of I-Flex stronger in the banking industry. It employs over 7000 people and this number is expected to more than double in the coming year. I-Flex is considered a leader in providing solution to the financial services industry.


  • Revenue:US $649.38 million(2012)
  • Employees: 10,000 approx.(2012)
  • Major Sectors:IT, business consulting and outsourcing service


8. Perot Systems: This Company, started it’s operation in NOIDA in 1997,which signed up as an Advanced Business Partner for IBM and with BEA as their Technology alliance partner. Other than NOIDA, it has a large development center in Bangalore, in Surrey, UK, in Singapore and in Dallas, US.


9. L & T Infotech: This company was Founded in year 1938,  by two Danish engineers, Larsen & Toubro is one of the major IT service provider in Asia-Pacific region. Headquartered at Mumbai(India), Larsen & Toubro stands at the 9th position at present among the list of top 10 Software firms of India.he focus areas of L & T Infotech are Application Maintenance as well as Application Development, ERP-II implementations and Integration of systems within and across enterprises. This too will be a company to watch out for and has facilities in Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.


  • Revenue:US $650 million(2011)
  • Employees:15,000
  • Major Sectors:Information technology services,IT consulting,BPO and solutions


10. Patni Computers: Formerly known as Patni Computers but now named as iGate Patni after merging with it, it is headquartered at California(USA). It was founded by Bala & Ashok Trivedi(Patni Computers) in 1966, it ranks 10th among top 10 IT firms of India. It has 23 sales offices and employs over 12,000 professionals. It provides IT services across many sectors, like Insurance, Finance Service, manufacturing and product engineering. Supply Chain Management is one of its areas of expertise.


  • Revenue:US $393.85 million(2012)
  • Employees:18,273(2011)
  • Major Sectors:IT and outsourcing services

So, we wish you a very best of luck for your future in these companies.


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